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News   June 12, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

5 Safety Equipment For Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is incredibly fun. Nothing beats the thrill and freedom you feel once you hit the open road and feel the gushing wind. However, as you go down the road, you’ve got to be prepared for every situation you might encounter. As a motorcycle rider, safety should always be your number one priority. As exciting as motorcycles can be, they are also very dangerous.  

To keep your journey safe while riding your bike to work or on a long road trip, be sure to have the following safety equipment with you so you can have a safe ride. 

1) Helmet

You have probably read other articles or heard from many experts about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding motorcycles because it can improve your safety. But despite the awareness and warnings raised by many people, there are still plenty of riders who take helmets for granted.

There are even some riders who find helmets uncomfortable and heavy. But the discomfort you feel is nothing compared to how this vital safety gear can reduce the risk of a fatal brain injury should you get involved in an accident. Even sports, like American football, emphasize the significance of wearing helmets.  

So, even if your state allows you to ride a motorcycle without any safety equipment, wear at least a helmet. And if you don’t have a helmet yet, ensure to include it in your shopping list the next time you visit a motor parts and accessories store. Be sure to buy a helmet with thick padding, a sturdy visor, comfort, and fits your head.  


2) Motorcycle Jeans Or Pants

Motorcycle jeans or pants are necessary as they help protect your legs from sustaining any major injuries in case of a fall or a collision. However, these are also the most overlooked pieces of safety equipment that most motorcycle riders choose not to wear. 

But thanks to new technologies, we now have motorcycle denim that looks and feels like casual jeans like the ones offered at These motorcycle jeans are explicitly designed to give motorcyclists the best protection against injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. This way, you can be protected and look good at the same time while enjoying your ride.

3) Jacket Or Vest

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose between leather and textile motorcycle jackets. Although leather is the traditional material for motorcycle jackets, today’s textile jackets are durable and cheaper. Textile motorcycle jackets are cheaper than leather jackets and are easier to maintain. Textiles offer better breathability and water resistance and are lighter and easier to maintain. They are also more comfortable. However, they lack the sturdiness and styling of leather jackets.

Many riders prefer leather motorcycle jackets because they look cooler and last longer. But whether you go for a leather or textile jacket, the most important thing is you choose one that fits well and protects your body from all types of weather conditions.

4) Gloves

Gloves are a critical piece of motorcycle gear as they provide wrist protection. Motorcycle gloves come in a variety of designs and materials. They should be durable and comfortable and should never get in your way when operating your bike. 

Depending on the type of motorcycle riding you do, you may need different motorcycle gloves. A daily commuter might want a lightweight pair of gloves. An experienced rider who likes to go on a long road trip may prefer something thicker, more comfortable, and more protective.  

5) Boots

Motorcycle boots are designed for safety and comfort. While boots aren’t legally required in most states, they are still an essential part of motorcycle safety equipment. Motorcyclists with boots reduce the risk of their feet being exposed to road debris and hot exhaust pipes. Additionally, it reduces the risk of foot injuries during a crash.  

To make your motorcycle boots fit perfectly, purchase the correct size. Another essential factor to consider when buying motorcycle boots is to ensure that they provide good ankle protection for maximum support. It’s also crucial that the boots don’t slip off when riding your bike. 

Final Thoughts

Proper motorcycle riding gear is essential for your safety. Every time you go on a road trip using your bike, you must always make safety your number one priority. Even if you’re an experienced rider, ignoring proper riding gear can lead to catastrophic consequences. But if you always ride a motorcycle with all the essential safety equipment, you can have a safe and amazing experience.

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