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News   March 6, 2023   by Auto Service World Staff

5 Reasons Why You Should Get the Crack in Your Windshield Fixed Immediately


The windscreen is more than simply a sheet of glass; it is a vital piece of technology engineered to withstand extreme road and weather conditions, as well as car accidents, to protect you. Despite its strength, sometimes even a tiny rock can crack the windshield. While it may seem minor, delaying the repair can lead to more significant problems over time. Let’s discuss a few reasons to prioritize repairing your windshield as soon as possible. 

1. It Is Dangerous in a Car Crash

Accidents can happen anywhere to anybody. While safety measures do not guarantee accident prevention, they significantly reduce its impact. An intact windshield glass is crucial to direct the energy of a front-end vehicle collision downward, away from the driver and passenger, and towards the car’s frame. This is to prevent the shattering of glass that may otherwise happen if the windshield is cracked. 

Additionally, if your vehicle gets into a crash, the airbags inflate. However, with a shattered windshield, the airbags will likely go out through the shattered glass, increasing the chances of you getting facial or skull fractures. If your windshield crumbles and you’re not wearing a seatbelt, you can fly through the windshield and out of the car.  

2. Repairing Your Windshield Is Easy, and Non-Expensive

Windshield repairs are cost-effective and can be done in a few hours. Many companies also offer convenient repair services at your chosen place and time. Did you know some auto insurance policies can cover your windshield repair costs? In fact, 30% of auto insurance claims are related to windshield damage. If the damage is due to an accident, your collision insurance can cover the cost of your windshield repair and waive your deductible if you have a qualifying claim. To avoid escalating repair costs, you can head to and set an appointment to fix your windshield immediately. 

3. Chips or Cracks Can Get Wider

The cost of repairing minor damage is relatively low and is worth the investment.  Turning on your car’s heater or air conditioning can widen a crack, leading to complete shattering. A shift in air pressure, bumpy roads, or even minor vibrations can contribute to the spread of a crack or chip on a car’s windshield. 

If the small auto glass chip turns into a large crack, you may have to replace your windshield entirely. The replacement cost depends on the type of vehicle, truck, or SUV you are driving. It typically ranges from less than $100 to as much as $300 in some instances.

4. You Could Get a Police Citation

Driving with a cracked windshield can lead to legal consequences; you can get pulled over and fined, which may be recorded on your driving record, causing further inconvenience. If you have had multiple offenses before, your driving license can be suspended upon getting pulled over for a cracked windshield.

5. It Can Affect Your Visibility 

Windshields comprise multiple layers of tempered glass that can have a prism effect when a crack occurs, obstructing your vision. Also, water, dust, and dirt can collect inside the crack and hinder your vision while driving, which can be extremely dangerous. You can miss small objects like rocks, pits, or animals and accidentally hit them with your car.


Delaying the repair of a cracked windshield can not only waste your time and money but can also put your safety and that of passengers at risk. A small windshield crack eventually grows into a larger one, weakening the structural integrity of your car and obstructing your vision when driving. Make the necessary repairs promptly to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle and avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. 

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