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News   March 4, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Chevy

When planning to buy your first Chevy you may be a little lost on how to approach it properly. Many people will just run down to the nearest lot, pick something out by the looks of it, and then go for it. Sometimes this may work out to your advantage because you get the car that you want. Most of the time, though, you should take the 5 tips below and get the car that you need. You want to make sure that you end up with a dependable car that will not nickel and dime you to death.

  1. Research: Your first step should always be research. You want to look over all the Chevy models and see what has good recommendations, and what does not. Sites like Consumer Reports and Edmunds will break down the good and the bad, with no biases (for the most part). Plus, you need to decide what you need. If you are looking for a sports car you will have a couple of good options, like the Corvette and the Camaro, but if you need an SUV to handle transporting your family, you will want to refrain from falling in love with the cars listed above.
  2. Budget: You should already have a budget and be following it, but many people just live day to day without any thoughts on financial management. If you are one that does not have one made up, do that before going any farther. You need to know how much money you have leftover for the month before you can decide on how much you can truly afford to pay on a car loan. If you have cash in hand then go for it, but you will still need to know if you can afford insurance, upkeep, and registration costs.
  3. Pre-Qualify for a Loan: This is the next step in your journey to buy a used Chevy. You can go online and find an online comparison site to help you choose the best loan for the best terms. Be aware that they will all be a little different, so read the contract carefully. You need to check to see if there are any hidden fees, stipulations that you may not agree with and if you have the option to pay off the loan early with less interest tacked on.
  4. Dealership: Now it is time for the fun part. You get to go down to the used Chevy car lot, like Casa Ford in Texas, and start browsing. You have already decided on the car that you need, so you will want to focus on them. Check the choices inside and out, looking for visible, or hidden, damage that may affect the price and usability of the car. Once you find a couple of the used cars that fit your needs and appear to be in decent shape, you will want to go out for a test drive.
  5. Mechanic: The decisive step before making a solid decision is taking the one you are considering to a mechanic that you know and trust. The dealer may have one available to check it for you, but it is usually a better option to take it to your own. Either way, get a detailed report of things wrong, decide if they are within your budget to fix, and then use the list to get a better price.

That is all that there is to buy yourself a used Chevy. It all comes down to spending some time researching to prevent buying a car simply because you look good behind the wheel. You are buying a used car with a need in mind, and so stick with that path. It will make the difference between a great buy, and one that will haunt you for years to come.

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