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News   June 28, 2022   by Auto Service World Staff

3 Reasons Why Extended Warranties are Essential for Your Car

Over the past few years, purchasing an extended warranty has become popular among many vehicle owners. The majority of new cars come with a warranty from the manufacturer. However, when the period expires, all repairs and parts replacement fees come from the owner’s pocket. That’s why many owners who buy a used or new vehicle opt for an extended warranty. 

But what exactly is an extended warranty?

A car extended warranty, also a maintenance contract, refers is a prolonged warranty in addition to the standard warranty offered by car manufacturers. In most cases, a car dealer will provide you with an extended warranty, but you can also get one from the manufacturer or a warranty administrator. 

Peace of Mind

One of the benefits of getting an Audi extended warranty is peace of mind. As a vehicle owner, nothing can be pretty unsettling as being unable to repair or replace your vehicle if it breaks down a few months after buying it. Like an insurance plan, an extended warranty gives you peace of mind since it will cover the cost of repairing your vehicle within a specific period. 

An extended warranty also ensures you do not run into financial losses, especially if you are purchasing a used car. Used cars that are prone to damages can be relatively costly to maintain. That’s the reason why an extended warranty is essential.

Cost Saving

Another reason an extended warranty is essential for your car is cost savings. Most people often question whether investing in an extended warranty saves money, considering you purchase it separately from the vehicle. However, more often than not, these extended warranties can help you save money on repairs.

It is not guaranteed that your vehicle will get damaged within the specified warranty period. However, there is a great chance you will want to replace a few faulty parts at some point. The cost of purchasing replacement parts, especially for luxury vehicles, is relatively expensive and way higher than the price of an extended warranty. So, getting one for your car might save you money in the long run.

Higher Resale Value

The other reason it might be a good idea to buy an extended warranty for your car is increased resale value. The moment you purchase a vehicle, its price starts depreciating gradually. So, if you intend to resell your vehicle in the future, you might have to find ways to enhance its value. 

Other than proper maintenance, having an extended warranty on your car can significantly affect its selling price. Most buyers would feel the car is comprehensively protected if it has an extended warranty. Apart from gaining the interest of more potential buyers, the car would sell at a higher price.


Are you wondering whether or not it is a good idea to purchase an extended warranty for your car? If so, these few tips can help you make up your mind. 

Some of the reasons why you need an extended warranty for your vehicle include better resale value, cost-saving and peace of mind. Other benefits of buying an extended warranty include reduced total cost of ownership and flexibility. 


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